Roland Meinl Percussion is a percussion and a cymbal company.  They make symphonic series cymbals, as well as marching cymbals. They are the leading manufacturer of Cymbals and other percussion instruments


Meinl makes Marching, Symphonic, and drumset cymbals.  They have different series, like most companies.
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These series are:
  • Byzance Brilliant
  • Byzance Dark
  • Byzance Extra Dry
  • Byzance Jazz
  • Byzance Traditional
  • Byzance Vintage
  • Candela
  • Classics Custom
  • Classics Custom Extreme Metal
  • Classics Traditional
  • Generation X
  • HCS
  • M-Series Fusion
  • M-Series Traditional
  • MCS
  • Marching
    • Brass
    • Bronze
    • B8
    • B10
    • B12
  • MB10
  • MB20
  • MB8
  • Soundcaster Custom
  • Soundcaster Fusion
  • Symphonic


Meinl makes different lines of percussion.  They make different drums, such as:

  • A-Go-Gos
  • Bongos
  • Congas
  • Claves
  • Cowbells
  • Güiros
  • Hand Drums
  • Shakers
  • Tambourines
  • Timbales
  • etc.

A full list can be found here .

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