On this wiki, we have some admins and some more. I (RBredeson) will need to see you have successfully followed the rules and contributed plenty. Or in some cases, you may become rollback for a certain time. The wiki relies on other peoples help. Contribute, and become someone.


When you are a bureaucrat, you have all the admin permissions, and permission to take away admin and rollback rights. I don't know if anyone on this site will become a bureaucrat, considering the whole removing and adding rights deal.

NeilPeart This user is an Ultimate Drummer


When you are an admin, you have a lot more permissions and more power on this website. Keep in mind I can remove anyones rights at anytime. You are trusted, for as long as can be.

Steve Jordan2 This user is a Professional Drummer


You are here for one thing and one thing only. (Or, kind of.) You help the pages stay minimalized from vandalizm and anyone moving pages around. Keep a watch, anything can happen.

Outside View This user is a Backup Drummer

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